We offer consulting, build and maintain systems based on following areas of expertise:

Messaging systems

We have experience of building open-source Sendmail relays for filtering with a wider range of "milters" and admin-friendly mail routing (when that is preferred by the customer), providing integration of computationally simple, but extremely effective anti-SPAM solutions based on open-source technologies. After initial filtering of the most-likely incoming SPAM flow, the rest of messages can be subjected to a second layer of computationally-intensive filtering, including Bayesian analysis and anti-virus inspection.

We also have experience of integrating such relays with enterprise messaging systems, LDAP catalogs of users and configuration data, etc.

Identity Management

Identity Services (LDAP, SSO, Identity and Access Management suites), including highly-available installations of these core services. Identity Management systems (IdM) and replicators (ISW, custom filter programming).

Operating Systems support and Migration

Operating systems migration (Windows, Linux and legacy Solaris to modern Solaris/Illumos based infrastructure); consultancy about Solaris and related operating systems.


Construction of virtualization farms based on Solaris/illumos and Local Zones (Containers), Solaris/illumos and VirtualBox, Linux and LXC containers, VMWare ESX and ESXi.

Document management

Document management systems based on Alfresco ECM and data storage for integration and application servers.

Document presentation

Creation of PDF-presentation for reports, forms and whole documentation books, including unique documents created individually for each particular client or user.

And other tasks...

Our team has developed and supported:
  • web sites based on Magnolia CMS and Liferay;
  • logical interconnects for IT systems created with such ESB solutions as GlassFish ESB and Adobe LiveCycle;
  • custom programming projects in Java, C/C++, C#, .Net and UNIX shell scripting.

We also resell our partners' products

Many of the solutions we offer rely on third-party software. Much of it is available as dual-licensed open-sourced or commercial projects; some of it is more proprietary. We can resell our partners' products.